Category: New to Christianity

Shepherding Moment: What is a Christian?

When were Christians first called Christians? What does it mean to be a Christian? What does a Christian believe? What are the benefits?

Shepherding Moment: Marriage & Family

Build your house on the rock! Establish your marriage, your family, your house on his eternal Word! He will protect and bless you!

Shepherding Moment: Only One God!

The God of the universe is one! There is only one God! There aren't gods, because there is only God, the one and only.

Shepherding Moment: God has no equal!

Though we love to compare, contrast and posture to appear better than others, God firmly establishes who is the Creator...and who is the creation!

Shepherding Moment: Me, join a church?

God blesses his people in so many ways through a physical church. Discover those blessings in this video and thank God for what you receive at church!

Shepherding Moment: What is a Lutheran?

500 years ago Martin Luther uncovered a mystery and proclaimed it to the world. What was it? What is a Lutheran?

Shepherding Moment: Do I have to go to church?

Can a person love Jesus, but hate going to church? Do we have to go? Or better, why do Christians go to church?

Shepherding Moment: What should I look for in a church?

How do you pick a church? How do you determine which one is right for you? Be sure to consider what God says to look for in selecting a church.

Shepherding Moment: The Catechism

The catechism is a great tool that has been helping Bible students grasp God's teachings for hundreds of years.

Shepherding Moment: Learning the Bible

The Bible is a daunting book. Taking it slowly with a trained person over time is one of the best ways to learn.

Shepherding Moment: Who is Jesus?

He's only the most important person in the history of the whole world! Discover Jesus!

Shepherding Moment: Religion Basics

Pastor Mueller gives a basic approach to understanding the difference in religions.